Welcome to our green villages!

In 2013 GHE started with a vision of providing clean energy access for the remote communities of Ladakh. We surveyed every corner this high altitude cold desert and till date our team have solar electrified 25 villages.

Taking the next step towards a holistic and sustainable development of these villages. Mountain Homestays open doors of tourism to these unvisited and unexplored corners of Himalayas. Stay at our homestays at these very scenic villages, experience the rich and diverse culture, and also in the process, make a meaningful contribution to these communities.

Winters 2017-18

Reviving an ancient art

The art of handcrafting copper artifacts is fading away from the villages of Ladakh. There are now only four villages where this art is still practiced. Our Copper Trail is a first step to revive this art!

Women Empowerment

Mountain Homestays has enabled the women of these villages to earn additional income and create a sustainable, scalable social enterprise.

Custom tours

The Mystic Nubra Valley (7N/8D)

Green village(s): Rakuru

Grade: Medium

The Markha Valley trek (7N/8D)

Green village(s): Umlung, Sara

Grade: Difficult

The Copper Trail (7N/8D)

Green village(s): Tsogsty, Sumda Chenmo, Sumda Do

Grade: Medium

The Nomads of Ladakh (7N/8D)

Green village(s): Mahé

Grade: Easy



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