Authenticity with Impact
The modern way of travelling is not just to see beautiful places but to contribute to the sustainable development of the destination. Choose Mountain Homestays to ensure your positive contribution!


  • The best journey to Himalayas was with Mountain Homestays with the highlight of making our own custom souvenir with help from a local copper artisan

    Ninad Dalvi
    Merchant Navy
  • It’s been an incredible experience with Mountain Homestays to really be welcomed into a family and go about day to day life with them.

    Arabella James
    Brand strategist
  • The homestay experience is something I would suggest everyone to try at least once. It is a perfect way to truly get the local experience.

    Adhitya Sundararajan
    Marketing Expert
  • Mountain Homestays replied quickly to all messages and made every effort to ensure everything ran smoothly. Can’t recommend it enough!

    Michelle Moram
  • I came across Mountain Homestays and learned about the work they do, I was convinced that I could travel responsibly with their expertise.

    Tashiya Demel
  • The remote extremely scenic location, the very caring homeowners who personally prepared our meals and the firsthand experience of the local culture.


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